Fluxus Research
New Fluxus Symbol Set - Research Study No. 1

Data Gathering Process
1.Participant receives card with research instructions and stickers.
2.Participant picks one of the 12 New Fluxus Symbols to be his/her MAJOR SYMBOL.
3.Participant then uses spinning wheel to identify his/her MINOR SYMBOL.
4.Participant uses the two symbols to think up a story, idea, or image. This is recorded on the wall display.

Fluxus Research Station at the Arcite Exhibition

Research Instruction Card

New Fluxus Symbol Set Spinning Wheel

Wall display for participants to record what they came up with for their major and minor symbols.

Example of research process and data
Major and minor symbols for Allen Bukoff

The Data
Wall-display record of what Bukoff came up with
for his major and minor symbol pair

This space reserved for future use
--the presentation of the summary findings and conclusions from this research.

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