The secret history of western technology and culture.

Coon Rapids, Iowa

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The Fluxus Indian Museum website was launched on 21 December 1995 and has been delighting and entertaining internet visitors and Fluxus enthusiasts from all over the world for more than 25 years. This was the first website created by Allen Bukoff and FLUXUS Midwest. It received a number of major awards and recognitions during the early days of the world wide web, including:
Cool Site of Day atom POP logo 29 April 1999
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2 January 1996
29 July 1996
Strange Sitings
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29 April 1999

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Disclaimer:  The "Fluxus Indians" are NOT a "real" American Indian group.
To learn more about the REAL American Natives who lived in Iowa, please visit Iowa Indian Tribes.

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