Michigan FLUXUS license plate

Sometime in the early 1990's Allen Bukoff, fan of Fluxus and Acting Director of Fluxus Midwest, applied for and received a special "vanity" automotive license plate from the state of Michigan that said "FLUXUS." He has had a "FLUXUS" license plate on one of my cars continously since then. Although these license plates last virtually forever, Allen has ordered new copies of this license plates on four or five occassions during this period. Allen has, over time, given most of these license plates away to Fluxus artists, scholars, and fans (see below).

1993 Michigan License Plate Registration from the Secretary of State


FLUXUS Midwest presents Yasanao Tone with license plate

Yasanao Tone came to Detroit and performed "Paramedia Centripetal" at the Detroit Film Center on the evening of February 21, 2006. Allen Bukoff, Acting Director, Fluxus Midwest distributed "Fluxus War" and Fluxus-license-plate buttons to more than two dozen attendees. Allen also presented Yasanao Tone with one of his Michigan Fluxus license plates (this plate was in continuous service for more than 5 years) and two of the Fluxus buttons.


FLUXUS Midwest presents AY-O with license plate

Fluxus Midwest salutes AY-O on his 70th birthday

FLUXUS license plate appeared in Shoe Days project
February-March 1998

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FLUXUS Midwest has also given Michigan Fluxus license plates to several other people, including Jeff Berner, Owen Smith, and Alison Knowles. Some of these license plates were sent through the US Postal Service as if they were postcards--stamps and address labels affixed to the unpainted, shiney side.

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